Seeing the periodontist, The Gum Doc.Periodontists are very different from general dentists!  We are a dental specialty whose focus is the oral foundation–the gums and bone of your teeth.  The many advantages to seeing a periodontist are:

  1.  Expert services for a specific health concern, similar to visiting a cardiologist for heart disease.  Because a periodontist specializes in the foundation, our education, experience, and skills are highly developed for your gum and oral bone health.
  2.  Experts in saving teeth.  We specialize in saving teeth with techniques such as hard and soft tissue grafting, regeneration around the teeth where the bone has been lost, treating gum disease which can lead to tooth loss.  Gum disease is the major reason for adult tooth loss.
  3. Proficient with implants.  Our experience goes beyond just placing dental implants!  We ensure the foundation is optimal before the implant is placed and this includes not only the hard tissue (the bone) but the gums too!  For front teeth, evaluating the gumline before implant treatment is essential to the cosmetic result!
  4. An ounce of prevention…’ve heard this phrase over and over.  Periodontists not just treat gum disease but they and their hygiene staff are quite suited and experienced in the prevention of disease!  You don’t need to wait to see a periodontist until you have an infection–they can help you avoid it!
  5. The oral cavity is “ground zero” to a host of systemic issues.  This is the latest and hottest topic in health right now!  Gum disease has been linked to numerous health concerns such as increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, pre-term births, Alzheimer’s and numerous more!  Periodontists are the “internists” of dentistry and may actually help you live a healthier life!

Want more information?  Check out  to learn more about periodontists and what we do.  Want a more personalized evaluation?  We offer a new patient special and can provide expert information on your foundation health.