Symptoms of Gum Disease

Symptoms to Never Ignore

Often, gum disease will try to get to your attention with various signs and symptoms.  We will discuss a few of the most common signs. However, the main message here is should you experience any of these concerns, see a gum specialist (periodontist) soon!  The earlier the diagnosis, the easier and less costly treatment can be.  And most important….teeth that would be lost can be saved!

  • Bleeding gums–healthy gums do not bleed!  Bleeding is a sign of inflammation, which is the body’s way of fighting an infection.
  • Gums that are receding or pulling away from the teeth.   This condition can indicate either an infection is present or that your tissues are thinning and receding down the root, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.
  • Loose, separating or shifting teeth.  This can be an indication of advancing bone loss underneath the gum tissues.
  • Persistent bad breath.  Often, the cause of bad breath is a gum infection.  The bacteria associated with gum disease is anaerobic and this class of bacteria dispels a distinct odor.
  • No symptoms at all!  Yes, no symptoms at all……gum disease can often be “silent”.  Although you may be a good brusher and flosser and things look fairly good from the outer surface of gum tissues, gum disease can be lurking below destroying bone around your teeth without you knowing it all.  We call this “masked” disease.

Since approximately 50-70% of the adult population has gum disease, all adults will highly benefit from having a thorough examination from a periodontist.  A periodontist specializes and has vast experience in diagnosing and treating gum infections. If you would like a gum health evaluation, call us today!