Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions about periodontics, implants, regenerative techniques, or anything else about tooth and gum health?  Ask The Gum Doc, Dr. Bruce Edelstein!

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Got questions about Periodontics, Implants, Regenerative Techniques? Ask The Gum Doc, Dr. Bruce Edelstein. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Do I need a referral?2019-02-26T10:31:54-05:00

No referral is needed!  If you have concerns about your dental health, you can simply call and make an appointment for a thorough evaluation.  We can consult with you about a wide range of dental health issues because our specialty is the foundation of bone and gums.

Why should I see a periodontist?2017-05-16T11:54:17-04:00

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the foundation of the oral cavity—the gums and bone. The extra training beyond dental school as well as the clinical experience has a periodontist well-suited in evaluating gum health, determining if teeth can be saved, and over-all treatment planning for the best long-term health.  Periodontists are quite simply the “internists” of dentistry.

I don’t have pain in my gums or mouth–do I still need to see a periodontist?2017-05-16T11:52:48-04:00

Often, there is no pain associated with early or moderate periodontal disease.  Waiting to experience pain before seeing us may only result in a more severe diagnosis and more treatment. Most importantly, it is never good for your overall health to have any form of dental infection.

Can periodontal disease lead to other infections or disease?2017-05-16T11:51:31-04:00

Yes! The research has been ongoing well over the past 10 years!  Chronic inflammation has been established as a leading co-factor for heart disease, diabetes, pre-term delivery with low-birthweight babies, Alzheimer’s, and pancreatic cancer to name a few.  Periodontal disease has been identified as the primary cause of chronic inflammation.

Is periodontal disease common?2017-05-16T11:50:18-04:00

Quite common!  The latest and most thorough study recently compiled by the CDC demonstrated that 50% of the adult population has some form of gum disease.  After the age of 65, prevalence soars to 75%!

Can a periodontal office provide “regular” cleanings and check-ups?2017-05-16T11:49:32-04:00

We are well-suited to do just that!  Being specialists in the foundation, our hygiene staff is highly skilled at thorough, gentle cleanings.  You can have your teeth cleaned here even if you don’t have gum disease.  Because we uniquely understand gum disease, we are passionate about preventing it!

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?2017-05-16T11:48:28-04:00

The every-6-month recommendation is outdated in that 50-75% of the population has some form of gum disease.  And there are long-term studies that demonstrate a cleaning regimen of 3-4 times a year for adults is clearly more preventative and helps in keeping more of your teeth over the course of your life.

Why doesn’t my insurance pay for more cleanings a year?2017-05-16T11:45:43-04:00

Dental insurance is not comprehensive, unlike medical insurance plans.  Our office will help you maximize your benefits and often our patients are nicely surprised at having some coverage for extra cleanings!  The low cost of an additional cleaning or two will well outweigh any cost associated with advanced periodontal treatment.  Most importantly, having excellent dental health may prevent a host of other health complications, thus you enjoying lower health care costs overall!  Not to mention enjoying a better quality of life! Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Why do I have bad breath?2017-05-16T11:42:46-04:00

Often bad breath has its origins in the oral cavity.  Periodontal disease is often the leading reason for halitosis or bad breath.  Gum infection is comprised of specific bacterial families that have the distinct characteristic of producing a bad odor.  If you have bad breath, a periodontal examination should be highly considered!

My denture no longer fits well–can you help with this?2017-05-16T11:40:58-04:00

Absolutely!  We have had great success in this area.  Placing a few implants under a denture or partial is a great way to bring you a great degree of stability and a higher ability to chew!  Let us help you establish a better quality of life.

Does a periodontist do cosmetic dentistry?2017-05-16T11:24:34-04:00

We are a great starting place for this!  Often it is a gummy smile or an uneven gumline that detract from a pretty smile.  Once the foundation is the shape it should be, then your best smile can happen!  Because Dr. Edelstein is a fine-art photographer, he has an eye for dental cosmetics and brings this creativity to our patients—our office is very unique in this area!  Should you need restorations such as veneers, bonding or crowns, we partner with excellent dentists around the city and can refer you to a dentist whose work we know to be excellent.  We love helping folks find a good dentist when needed!

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