Open Wide!

Each week Dr. Bruce Edelstein, assisted by Sue Skipper, RDH, will offer on “Open Wide!” the very latest in oral health care brought to you in easy-to-understand and lively dialogue. This exciting program will cover current topics such as the latest and innovative treatments available, negotiating dental insurance land mines, tips for your “pearly whites” as well as how dental health is integral to achieving your best overall health. Tune in to The Gum Doc where going to the dentist is fun!

Join us every Thursday 1 – 2pm on Newstalk 1160 am, The Talk of the Town. 

Open Wide! is repeated every Saturday on Newstalk 1160, 1-2pm and on AM1690 The Voice of the Arts, Saturday, 1-2pm.

Can’t listen live?  Click on the links below to listen to “Open Wide!” and learn at your convenience!

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