Healthy Smile–Healthy You!

Dental cleanings are one of the most beneficial services we can provide!  A periodontal office is uniquely suited because the long-term health of the gums and bone are our focus and specialty.  The link between oral and systemic health has been well established and new links are continuously being discovered.  Dental cleanings are vital for your well-being!

Why cleanings with us?

  • Our hygiene team is unparalleled–because we specialize in foundational health.
  • Early detection–we can identify dental problems sooner thus less invasive and costly treatment.
  • Exceptional service in a gentle manner–experience our kind and well-trained hygienists.
  • Customized program for home care– will be designed and modified as needed to support your long-term dental health.
  • Fewer dollars spent on dental treatment–long-term studies strongly demonstrate that regular dental cleanings can help with disease prevention and tooth retention
  • Dental cleanings can contribute to a healthier you–research steadily proves the mouth is the starting point for your overall health.

Healthy. Smiles. Everyday.