We Have the Latest Non-Surgical Option!

The Perioscope Machine

The Perioscope

Our practice has the newest technology in gum disease treatment known as Perioscopy. We are one of a handful of practices in the country able to offer this exciting treatment! Patients previously had two options for treating gum disease: deep cleanings (which in most cases do not fully treat gum infection) or gum surgery. We offer a third and non-surgical option!

Why Perioscopy?

  • Non-Surgical–we can reach under the gums in a comfortable, non-surgical manner. Little-to-no-pain!
  • Video Below the Gumline–instead of removing plaque blindly by feel, we can now see the roots of your teeth  up to 45 times actual size!

Teeth Cleaning for Periodontitis with Periscopy

  • Other Uses–can help us diagnose and treat other conditions such as root fractures, bone loss in between roots and undetectable cement.

The Dental Hygienist using the Perioscope Machine

Our Hygienists Can See and Clean Deeper!

  • The Very Latest in Dentistry–Perioscopy raises the standard of oral health care by allowing our hygienists to use vision during treatment to a higher level not previously possible. Our practice is one of the very first in the United States using this exciting technology!
  • Results Often Comparable to Surgery–we can utilize regenerative materials if indicated.
  • Cost Savings–Treatment costs are less than gum surgery.

Want to learn if Periscopy is right for you? Contact us to schedule an appointment and let us see how we can help you.

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